Release Notes-September 20

Feature Updates

  • New Timeline in Labs 
    • You read that right, we have a new version of the Timeline View. It's a more traditional look with a table on the left and timeline on the right so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Enable it in Labs but don't worry, you'll still have the old Timeline too. 
  • Android App Enhancements
    • You can now check out task and project Reports on the Android App. Head over to a browser to see Timelog Reports. 
    • Security release! Now, attachments are encrypted on devices with Android 4.3 and higher. 
  • New Events on Audit Reports
    • Audit Reports now show if a Request form was created, edited, or deleted. They can also show "login block" if someone's tried to log in to Wrike (and failed) 5 times in a row. 
  • Bonus Releases
    • Small but exciting: 1) You can search through emojis and 2) Open locally stored attachments in a new tab directly from the attachment list.


  • Task Submissions Working Overtime
    • If a task was created from a Request, then it always had the "work on weekends" option turned on. This isn't what you always wanted (understandably). Fixed now. 
  • Mass Actions
    • If you tried to use mass actions to turn on "Work on weekends" for a lot of tasks (think 300 or more), the change didn't go through. Now it does. 

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Stephanie Westbrook Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover


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