Release Notes-December 21

Feature Updates

  • Collapsible Left-Hand Navigation Panel in Labs
    • Enable the option to hide the left-hand Navigation panel from Wrike Labs. With the new update: 1) the Navigation panel is now exclusively a Folder tree and 2) The tabs that lived in the panel before (Dashboard, Inbox, etc) now run along the top of the Workspace. 
  • Report Templates
    • Report templates are now in Wrike Labs. Use Report templates to quickly create Reports and gain visibility into your projects. 
  • Emoji Picker
    • The emoji picker is now available to everyone. Click the smiley face icon in the comments section to add an emoji.
  • Adobe Extension
    • Now when you upload several artboards using the Abobe Extension: you can choose to upload the artboards as a single PDF or add them as seperate image files. 
  • Inbox Notifications about Folders/Projects
    • When you get an Inbox notification related to a Folder or Project (ex: when one is shared with you), you can click "Open Task List" to open the Task List for that Folder or Project.
  • "Highlight Overdue" on the Timeline and Workload Views
    • Now, by default, overdue tasks appear in the color associated with their status but you can check the box next to "Highlight overdue" to mark the tasks red.


  • #xme Search Command
    • Before: If you used the #xme search command, you would see search results that didn't match that filter criteria. Now: When you use the search command #xme you see only tasks created by you or assigned to you (which is how it should work).
  • Report Reminders
    • Before: You could only schedule Report reminders to be delivered on the hour (8, 9, 10am, etc). Now: You can schedule Report reminders to be delivered on the hour or on the half hour (8:30, 9:30, 10:30 etc.). The default reminder time is 8 AM. 
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