Release Notes-December 7

Feature Updates

  • Google Calendar Integration in Labs
    • Enable the Google Calendar integration to create Google Calendar events from Wrike tasks. So, now you can schedule task-related meetings, create events as task reminders, and show exactly when tasks are due on your calendar.
  • New Live Editor Toolbar and Scrollbar Facelift
    • Just in time for the holiday season, the editing toolbar in the description field got a UI upgrade, so now icons look cleaner and more modern.
  • Report Wizard Update.
    • We increased performance for the Report Builder (for all of us out there with large Folder structures) and made it easier to use. Before: You had to use "Back" and "Next" buttons to switch between panels on the Report Builder. Now: You can make changes to any part of the wizard without having to click "Back" or "Next".  
  • Android App Enhancements
    • The task Stream on the Android app got a facelift: now comments appear in bubbles so they are easier to distinguish from other updates. 


  • Folder Tag Order in Reports
    • Before: The order of tags in the List and Task View didn't match the order of tags in Reports. Now: Tags appear in the same order on the Task View, List View, and Reports.
  • Subtask Button for Collaborators
    • From the task view, Collaborators could see a list of subtasks (if the task had them) but couldn't see the subtasks button. Now: They see subtasks and the button.
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