Release Notes-November 16

Feature Updates

  • Report Snapshots
    • You can now share Report Snapshots with anyone - Wrike users and non-Wrike users alike.
  • Sharing Wrike Reports
    • We've made three updates to Reports: 1) The option to share Wrike Reports is out of Labs and available on all Business and Enterprise subscriptions. 2) Now, you receive an email notification when someone shares a Report with you. 3) Users who a Report is shared with can no longer export it to Excel. 
  • Changed Titles
    • We cleaned up bulk rescheduling options. 1) Instead of "Next week", the option now reads "Monday, next week". 2) Due to low usage we removed the "This week" scheduling option (for mass actions). Think of it as spring cleaning. In November.
  • Mobile Apps in Footer
    • The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a "Mobile apps" link in the Workspace's footer. Use the link to have a download app link sent to your phone. 


  • Mass Actions
    • You use mass actions to reschedule tasks with durations less than 24 hours. Before: Their durations were reset to 1 day. Now: Durations stay intact. 
  • Strikethroughs in Description Fields
    • With the description field updates: clicking a checkbox caused that text to have a strikethrough. We corrected the behavior and now items are only grayed out when you check them off. Strikethroughs, struck out.
  • Description Field Adjustments
    • We made a few spacing modifications based on feedback from last week's description field update. 1) Reduced line height in bulleted and numbered lists. 2) Reduced the margins above headings (if the heading is the first item in the task). 3) Reduced the spacing on the right side of the description field. 
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