Release Notes-October 26

Feature Updates

  • Inbox Notifications
    • Inbox notifications got some new muscle. Now, you get an Inbox notification when someone shares a Task, Folder, or Project with you (instead of just when you're assigned or @mentioned).
  • Inherited Tags on Dashboards
    • Subtasks have inherited tags (tags passed down by default from parent tasks), now you can see a Subtask's inherited tags from the List View and on Dashboard widgets. You can also see a subtask's parent task on Dashboard widgets.
  • Expanded Domain Invitation Rights
    • Now you can have multiple approved domains (so users can invite teammates from more than one approved domain). If you're using G Suite, you can allow users to invite people from a domain other than one linked with Wrike. 


  • Custom Workflows
    • Before: 1) You created a Custom Workflow 2) You left the first (default) Active status as is, and added more statuses. 3) The first Active status disappeared after you saved the workflow. Now: The Active status has stopped it's disappearing act and it remains in place after you save.
  • Search My Work
    • Before: If you were in My Work and tried searching for a task by ID, the Workspace would freeze. Now: You can search tasks by ID in My Work and the Workspace continues working as expected. 
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