Release Notes-August 15

  • Adobe Extension + InDesign
    • Wrike's Adobe Extension now works with InDesign (in addition to Photoshop and Illustrator). Make sure you install the latest version of the extension. Instructions available here
  • Request Assignees
    • You can now designate more than 5 assignees from the Request Form Builder. Just remember, as a best practice, try to add less vs. more assignees.
  • Open Files in a New Tab
    • To make it easier to view your images, you can now right click on an attachment in the preview view and open it in a new tab. 
  • Commenting in the Office Add-in
    • The Microsoft Office Add-in now supports comments (viewing comments, making them, and @mentioning). Collaborate away. 


  • Report Filters
    • Before: Time related filters in Reports were static. For example, if you created a Report with the Today filter on 10/18/15, then your report would always filter tasks by that date. Now: The time related filters in reports are dynamic. For example, now if you filter by "today" then each time you open the report you see today's tasks vs. the tasks from the day you created the report. 
  • Images
    • Before: In some cases, an attached file had a normal file size when it was downloaded, but it was very small if you tried to open it in preview. Now: The file is displayed the correct size in both downloads and preview. 
  • "Number Type" Custom Fields
    • Before: if you opened a task from the Table View, and entered data in the Custom Field (from the Task View overlay), the data you entered would not appear in the Table View when you closed the Task View overlay. Now: The Table View shows the data you entered from the Task View overlay. 
  • Old Reports
    • Before: Older Reports where encountering a problem where they weren't updating with new information. Now: Old reports update correctly.
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