Work back schedule?


I currently use Wrike to manage myself alone but I've been trying to show it to management in case it could be used for our group and projects together.

One question I was asked was, can Wrike show a work back schedule or fake it in some way? Is there a way this could be done in the paid version?

Thanks for any intel!


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Hi Robert, thanks for posting. 
I think what you're looking for is the Timeline View, which will allow you to set and see milestones and the critical path of a Project. This view allows you to drag tasks to customise the time period for tasks, set their dependencies and Project milestones. You can create tasks based on the milestones you set and shift tasks quickly around them until you have the Project timeframe you require. 
Timeline View is available for paid accounts so I've reached out to your Account Manager for them to contact you and discuss your account options here.
In the meantime, let me know what you think of the above solution and if it's what you're looking for here. Thank you!

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