Archiving Files Annotated in Wrike

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Our organization would like to use Wrike to handle our reviews. In short, our team reviews PDFs, and those PDFs (with reviewer comments) need to be archived after our work is finished in order to meet some of our accreditations.

I can't seem to find any way to archive Wrike's annotation and markup outside of Wrike. We could easily just keep the annotated PDFs in Wrike, but our accreditations require us to have the reviewed PDFs available indefinitely, so I would want to archive them on our own servers.

Is there any way to download a PDF from Wrike while preserving the annotation and markup in some way?


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Hi Bradley, thank you for asking here! This isn't currently available, but I wanted to point you to a related feature request, it would be great if you could add your vote there, and your input about PDF files (since the request currently outlines video files): Export Video Proofing Comments.


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