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I'm a couple days into my evaluation of Wrike, and I'm running into a fair number of issues with the description editor.  Safari 10.1.1, OS X 10.12.5.  Here are the issues I've captured so far:

The editor view doesn't scroll with the cursor:

  • Can't use arrow keys to scroll up and down a long desciption.
  • You can type right out of the visible area.
  • The formatting popup occasionally obscures edits in progress.
Editing around text formatted as a heading doesn't always retain formatting as expected:
  • Trying to split one heading into two results in the latter text being demoted to normal text when the newline is entered into the middle of the line.
  • The same happens when trying to enter a newline with the cursor at the start of a heading.
Can't insert a question mark after a link in a list item:
  • The cursor jumps several spots to the left.
  • No question mark is inserted.
  • The list item indent level is reduced.
Cutting and pasting text with an image in it from a task to a subtask doesn't work:
  • The image came over as a blank placeholder rectangle, presumably because the actual file was still attached to the parent task.
  • The placeholder could not be deleted with backspace, delete, nor select and delete.
  • A workaround was to cut the placeholder and surrounding text back out, paste it into a plain text editor, copy and paste the remaining text back, and reinsert the image.
Can't start a bulleted list by starting a line with an asterisk followed by a space (nice to have):
  • Similar functionality would be nice for numbered lists.
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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi @Ian I'm sorry for the slow reply here. I've experienced some of these same situations and if they've already been reported as bugs I want to make sure you get updated if their status changes. I'm creating a Support ticket for you and the team is going to help figure out what's happening in the different cases (whether it's a browser issue or not). I know this took a while to put together so thank you so much for the upfront effort in helping us troubleshoot. 

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I wanted to continue this thread, since I've noticed some persistent issues with the description editor. Please let me know if I should start another thread, since this is an older parent post.

  • When pressing CRTL-SHIFT-UP to select a full line, often 1 or 2 lines above that are selected. If I undo and repeat the command, this sometimes resolves it, but not consistently.
  • When using the arrow keys to move throughout text, often the cursor disappears. This makes it difficult to track where I am in the notes.
  • Sporadically, when using a bulleted list the bullet formatting will disappear, along with the appropriate tabbing. This is replaced with just an asterisk next to the text.
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