[Status: Released ๐Ÿš€] Customising Wrike Email Autoresponder to External Form Submissions


We're able to customise the appearance of the Wrike Request Form submission which is great. But the email autoresponder which gets sent to the submitter is completely branded Wrike Style. I'd like to be able to customise the response email so that the submitter doesn't get confused. They submitted a form to Company X but they get a response from Wrike which has no mention of Company X nor any detail of what they should do for any consequential follow up. This particularly important if we've made the form available to external parties.

The upshot is that this customised frontend for external parties is rendered practically useless in terms of customer engagement.

It could be a simple as changing the logo in the email and providing a section to customise at the bottom to inform the submitter of the next steps in the process (whatever that may be). The email replyto address should also be customisable (rather than noreply@wrike.com). Happy to have a 'powered by Wrike' kind of mention in the collateral, but everything else needs to be pointed back at the Wrike Enterprise account holder, or whomever they elect to point the submitter back to. Our case is we have customers who submit things but a company we've outsourced 'doing things' (i.e. a collaborator) needs to pick up the next steps.




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Tom Madsen Please upvote this request so we can get "multiple request form confirmation emails" on the roadmap! Thank you :)

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