Project or folder description should be viewable by default

New users tend to be confused why they don't see the project description by default. Also the statistics are probably not used / helpful on a daily basis but the description of a project or folder can help each time a user looks at the project or folder espcecially if you are working on many projects / folders.

So I suggest having the description already seen when clicking on a project or folder.

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Hi Beat, great to hear from you again! This is an interesting insight, thank you for sharing it here. I understand how this would be useful for new users. While the Project info panel doesn't currently open by default, I wanted to suggest @mentioning users in the comments section - this will help them quickly locate the Project details in the meantime. Once again, thanks for sharing your ideas here!


Update to information (31/05/2018): Although the Folder information panel does not open by default, the Project information Panel does open by default.

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I'm in agreement with Beat.  I too would find this very helpful.  Any way to reduce the number of clicks.

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My organization would find a change to this default behavior useful.  Possibly an option to change it in our Profile?

We use folders as task templates, and we use the description field of the folder to store important information.  Because the panel doesn't open by default, the manager of the project the templates are applied to often miss this vital information.  Simply changing the default behavior, or providing the option to change it, would resolve this issue for us.

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One use case is wanting to quickly see project details (description) when you see a task from that project on a dashboard. Currently, if I click on the project link - it opens the list of tasks for that project, but I still have to click the project clipboard icon to view the project description. It would make more sense if it showed the description automatically. 


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