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Is there any way to see ALL projects (private) with my role (admin)?


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Hi Marce, thank you for leaving a comment! I understand how it's important for you to see all the Projects and Folders in Wrike as an admin, however, to ensure better security and the ability to granularly share information, data is visible only if the top-level Projects and Folders were shared with you explicitly. The main goal of having private Folders and Projects in Wrike is to help users manage their personal to-do lists, make drafts and take private notes.

In case you don't want users in your account to have that capability I would recommend to create a top-level Folder and share it with the whole team. When you invite users to the account, you can send them instructions to create Folders, Projects and Tasks in that main top-level Folder. This way you will have access to everything created in the account and will be able to see what the users have uploaded and delete unnecessary information if needed. This structure helps discourage your users from creating their own top-level Folders since it's the company's priority to have the visibility of the whole account to admins. I hope these tips are helpful, let me know if you have any questions about this!

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