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Task ID

Table 37. Availability - Legacy plans


Every task in Wrike has its own unique ID number that can be searched for and easily accessed. It may also be useful for identifying items in Wrike according to your own needs.

Simply enter your task ID in the search bar to find it, or go directly to a task's page by typing “” into your address bar and include the task's ID at the end of the link.

To ensure that each task in the account has a unique identifier, task IDs are automatically assigned and cannot be edited.

Find your task ID

You can find your task ID in three places:

On the right hand side of a task header under Show more option.


At the end of a task permalink.


In Table view by:

  1. Clicking the Add column + icon 1 on the table header.

  2. Enable the ID button 2.


Is it possible to customize the Wrike ID that is assigned to an item once it is created?

It is not possible to customize the ID number on a Wrike item as it is generated by the system and is used as a unique identifier in Wrike's database. For a custom item labeling system to be used, it is best to create a Custom Field.