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Using Siri with Wrike for iOS

Table 327. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can use Siri to work with Wrike for iOS.

Turn your smartphone into a virtual assistant by delegating actions with mobile voice commands, without having to open the Wrike for iOS app first. Simply ask Siri to create a new task or go to a specific part of the app without touching your device.


The voice commands feature in Wrike for iOS is only available in English.

To start working with Wrike for iOS using Siri, launch Siri as you usually would and tell it to do something using one of the available commands.


You might need to turn on Siri before you start using it. Also, when using Siri with Wrike for the first time, you might be asked to give Siri permission for Wrike data usage. To learn more about how to work with Siri, visit the Apple Help Center.

Available voice commands

  • To open the Wrike app: “Open Wrike”

  • To add a new task: “Hey Siri, add task name in Wrike”

  • To show My To-Do: “Hey Siri, show My To-Do list in Wrike”

  • If you have shortcuts set up for Wrike, you can also use them with Siri. This way, you can ask Siri to open Requests, Reports, Dashboards, and more.