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I Sent an Email to Wrike, but It Didn’t Create or Update a Task / Tasks Aren’t Created Out of Emails

This page is for all Wrike users who are having issues with Wrike email integration.


You sent an email to or a task, folder, or project's unique email address, but it didn’t create or update a task.

Possible solutions

Check your email address

Make sure that you sent an email from the email address associated with your Wrike account.

Check your integration settings

If you’re a member of multiple Wrike accounts, check your email integration settings to make sure you’re sending the email from the right email address to the right Wrike account.

Check the email format

Make sure that your email has a subject line. Emails with an empty subject line don’t trigger task creation and updates.

Also, check if you have "RE:" and "FW:" at the beginning of the subject line. Emails containing "RE:" and "FW:" add an email body as a comment to the task.


If there’s "RE:" in the subject line, then Wrike ignores the unique email address. If you want to create a new task in a specific folder or project and "RE:" is in the subject line, then you need to format your subject line to specify a folder or project in which you want to create a task.

Check the recipient email address

Confirm that you're sending the email to the right address.

  • If you want to create a task in a particular folder or project, use the address or just copy/paste this unique address from Wrike:

    1. Click the permalink icon (1) at the top-right corner of the folder or project.

    2. Copy the link from the E-mail for sending tasks to this folder/project box. (2)

  • If you want to update one of your tasks, projects, or folders, use the address or copy/paste this address:

    1. Click the permalink icon (1) at the top-right corner of the task.

    2. Copy the link from the Emails for sending updates to this folder/project box. (2)

  • If you send an email to, but don’t specify a folder or project where this email should create a task, the task will be created in the default folder specified in your email integration settings.

Wait for Wrike to process your request

Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the email to create or update a task, so wait before checking if the task or comment is created after you send the email.

Contact Support


If the steps described in this article didn't help solve the issue, please contact our Support team and we’ll be happy to help you.

If you attach the email forwarded to Wrike as an EML or MSG file, it will speed up the troubleshooting process.