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Approvals in Wrike


Approvals are available to all users (including collaborators) on Wrike for Marketers, Wrike for Marketers Enterprise, Business, Business Plus, and higher accounts, and accounts with the Wrike Proof add-on.

Approvals help you organize the review process for your team. Use Approvals when you want to:

  • Keep track of work that needs to be approved.

  • See who's responsible for approving the work of your team.

  • Determine whether any pending approvals could delay your project.

  • See all decisions made regarding the task/project/folder in the Approvals tab and folder/project/task stream.

  • Create custom dashboard widgets based on approvals.

  • Set up the process of automated transitions between approval steps using workflow statuses.

  • Automatically start an approval process upon submission of a request form (both internal and external).

Additionally, you can filter tasks, folders, and projects according to their approval status, user(s) assigned as approvers, start or due dates, and more.



How can I know if my account already has Approvals?

Open any task in your account in Task view and see if you have the Approvals button on your task settings panel.