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Editing Space Settings

Table 81. Availability - Legacy plans


Space admins can edit the settings of the space they manage.

You can rename the space or change its settings at any moment.

Edit space settings

  1. Navigate to the relevant space.

  2. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner. 1

  3. From the pop-up you can:

    • Rename the space. 2

    • Change the space description. 3

    • Make the space Private, Public, or Locked. 4

    • Change the space icon. 5

    • Invite 6 and remove 7 members.

    • If your account is on a Business or higher subscription, you can set access roles for members and groups. 8

    • Edit the default and recommended workflows. 9

    • Manage associated request forms. 10

  4. Click Save. 11

To leave the space settings view, click the space name in the upper-left corner. Or navigate back via the hamburger menu.