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Wrike Lock


By default, your Wrike workspace data and attachments are protected by foundational encryption; however, Wrike Lock provides an additional layer of encryption. It encrypts the keys to your encrypted Wrike data with a master encryption key that's stored with Amazon Web Services’ Key Management Service (AWS KMS), allowing you to take control of access to your data. You own and manage your master encryption key, and it resides outside of Wrike.

Important information

  • You need an AWS KMS account to use Wrike Lock.

  • It's possible to create emergency recovery keys, which can be used to decrypt an account if the encryption key or access to AWS KMS is lost.

  • All workspace data (including tasks, folders, projects, workflows, comments, and attachments) is encrypted.

Benefits of using Wrike Lock

  • You have control of your data even though it's in the cloud. Monitor, grant, and revoke access to your encryption/decryption master key using the AWS console.

  • You have an additional layer of encryption — both your data and keys to it are encrypted.

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