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Inviting Guest Reviewers

Table 157. Availability - Legacy plans


Account admins and regular users can assign guest users to review files.


You must have a Full Access Role on a folder/project in order to invite guest reviewers.

Invite your clients, who don’t have a Wrike account, to review files attached to tasks, folders, and projects. They can comment on files, give their decision, and even receive replies to their comments from Wrike via email.


Guest reviewers can see only files from approvals assigned to them. They don’t have access to your Wrike data (tasks, folders, and projects).

Invite guest users

  1. Open a task, folder, or project containing attachments. If you don't see the file you want to add to review, click Show all files.

  2. Check the box next to all files you want to add to review. 1

  3. Click Start guest review. 2

  4. A pop-up opens, and you'll be asked to enter:

    1. The guest user’s email address (required). 3

    2. The guest user’s name (optional; if specified, this name will appear in the list of reviewers instead of an email address). 4

  5. Click +Add next invitee to invite an additional guest user. 5

  6. Apply guest reviewers’ advanced settings (optional):

    1. Enter your name (and the name of your account) as well as a subject for the email. Additionally, you can enter a message which will form part of the email the guest user will receive upon invitation to review. 6

    2. Check the Download file 7 box to allow guest users to download files.

    3. Check the Show internal comments 8 box to make all comments available to the guest user. If the box is unchecked, then guest users can see only guest users' comments and replies to them.

    4. Check the See all file versions 9 box to let the guest user see all versions of files in review; uncheck it to allow them to see only the latest version.

    5. Select how long the guest user should have access to files in review. You can choose one of the predefined values or set a custom date. By default, access expires 30 days after the review is assigned. 10

    6. Set a password to add an extra layer of protection. The password must be at least four characters long. 11

  7. To remove one of the guest users, hover over their name or email and click the X that appears.

  8. Click Invite.



You can invite an unlimited number of guest users to review, but there's an hourly limit per account of 100 invitations.

Upon invitation:

  • An email is sent to the email address you specified in Step 5. From this email, a guest reviewer can accept or reject the invitation. If they want to reject the invitation they'll be redirected to an additional confirmation page.

  • A note about inviting a guest user to review appears in the Activity Stream.

  • A guest user’s generic avatar appears in the Guest Reviewers section of a review panel.

  • You can set a due date for the guest review. Note that if this file is added to an approval within the same task, folder, or project and the approval has a due date, then you won't be able to set a different due date for the guest review.

You'll receive an Inbox notification when the guest reviewer accepts or rejects the invitation. Should they accept, a note is also added to the Activity Stream whenever the guest user adds a comment to a file or gives their decision.

Once a guest reviewer has given their decision, they can still change it or remove it until you click Finish guest review within the approval.


If you password protect a review, we recommend sending the password using a different channel for communication (i.e., via a messenger app or text message). Don't include it in a personal message in Step 5. This will help protect your data.


Can I change the details of an invitation for a guest reviewer later?

Yes, it's possible to do that.

  1. Click the guest user’s avatar on the review panel.

  2. Click Edit invitation or Send new invitation, depending on whether a guest user has accepted the invitation.

  3. In the pop-up window that appears you can:

    1. Change a guest reviewer’s name.

    2. Resend the invitation.

    3. Edit additional guest review settings.

  4. Click Save.