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Use-Case Templates in Wrike

Table 75. Availability - Legacy plans


All users with the right to create spaces on all account types can use use-case templates.

Use-case templates allow you to add a premade framework to your account. Each use case has what you need to carry out a specific type of work. Use-cases can come with: projects, sample tasks, dashboards, reports, request forms, and more, depending on your subscription plan.



If you're an account owner you'll see a pre-installed use-case template in your account when you start using Wrike. This use-case is selected according to the data you entered during registration.

Using templates

You can access the use-case templates gallery through the space creation wizard. When you start to create a new space the template gallery opens by default.

You can see a full list of available templates and learn more about each of them on our Wrike Templates website page.


The list of use-case templates you see in the space creation wizard depends not only on your subscription plan but also on your role in the account.

When you choose to create a space using a use-case template a space is created with all the items listed in the relevant template. To see what's included in the specific template hover over the template in the list and click Preview 1.


You can access other items created from templates in the corresponding areas of the workspace: Dashboards, Request Forms, Workflows, and Reports or from the Tools section in the created space.


Any item added to the workspace from a use-case template can be edited and shared.

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