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Gantt Chart: Print Timeline

All user types (including Collaborators) on all paid accounts can print Timeline. 

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Print the timeline portion of the Gantt Chart to generate a pdf file which you can save, view, share, and print.

Important Information

  • If a task is not visible or shown on the timeline, then it won’t be visible when you print the timeline.
  • If a Folder or Project is collapsed on the timeline, then its tasks are not visible when you print the timeline.
  • Use filters to adjust which tasks are visible on a timeline.
  • The table portion of the Gantt Chart isn’t visible on the printed version.

Print Timeline

  1. Select a Folder or Project from the Folder tree 1.
  2. Switch to the Gantt Chart 2.
  3. Click the menu button 3 in the view’s upper right-hand corner.
  4. Click “Print” 4.
  5. Click the link that appears 5 to download your timeline pdf file.



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