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Downloading And Printing the Gantt Chart

Table 67. Availability - Legacy plans


All user types (including collaborators) on all paid accounts can download Gantt charts.

When you select to download a Gantt chart a PDF file is generated, which you can save, view, share, and print.


If a task isn't visible on the Gantt chart, it won’t be visible when you download the view. Also, if a folder or project is collapsed, then its tasks aren't visible when you download the view.

Download the Gantt chart

  1. Navigate to a folder, project, or space and switch to Gantt Chart.

  2. Click the three-dot menu button at the upper right corner of the view.

  3. Select Download as PDF from the list.

  4. Click the link that appears to download a PDF of your Gantt chart.


Use filters to adjust which tasks are visible when you download the view. Also, you can select to hide empty folders so they are not visible in your downloaded chart.

After you download the file you can print it from your computer.