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Subscribing to Automatic Report Reminders

Table 175. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can set up automatic report reminders for the reports they have access to.


On Enterprise accounts, the types of users who are allowed to use this functionality may differ due to user types settings.

Subscribe to report reminders to receive an email and Inbox notification with a direct link to your report. Click the link to see an up-to-date version of your report.

You can schedule reminders on a daily, weekly, or multiple days per week basis. Report reminders are sent on a recurring basis until you unsubscribe from them.


You can only subscribe to report reminders yourself. It's not possible to set up report reminders for other users.

Subscribe to report reminders

  1. Go to the Home page and click Reports on the right. Alternatively, select reports from the Launchpad.

  2. Select a report from the list.

  3. Click Subscribe in the upper-right corner. 1

  4. Select the day(s) and times you'd like to receive a report reminder. 2 You can choose to receive reminders weekly, multiple days per week, or daily.

  5. Click Subscribe. 3

Your report reminders are set up, and you'll receive an email and Inbox notification on the selected day(s) and time. You can change the days and time of the reminder at any moment or unsubscribe from it completely.

Change the day and time of the reminder

  1. Navigate to the relevant report.

  2. Click Subscribe in the upper-right corner.

  3. Make the necessary changes to the day(s) and time.

  4. Click Update.