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Sharing Reports

Table 161. Availability - Legacy plans


All users except for collaborators and external users can share reports they have access to unless their access role restricts it.


On Enterprise accounts, the types of users who are allowed to use this functionality may differ due to user types settings.

You can share reports with all other members of your Wrike account. You can also share reports with user groups. If you create a report in a space, it's automatically shared with all space members.


Reports can't be shared with people outside of your Wrike account.

Everyone with access to a shared report sees the same data on the report. However, they are only able to open tasks, folders, and projects shared with them. Users can't open tasks, folders, and projects not shared with them, even though these items appear on the report.


Even if a custom field is not shared with a person, they still see it on a report. Meaning that if a custom field is added to a folder, project, or space that the report is based on, then anyone with whom the report is shared will be able to see this field and its values on the report, same as the report creator sees it. They will also be able to add or remove the field from the view via the gear icon in the upper-left corner of the report.

Share a report

  1. Navigate to the Reports section of the workspace via the Home page 1 or using the Launchpad button. 2

  2. Select the report you want to share.

  3. Click Share in the upper-right corner of the view. 3

  4. Select the users or user groups you would like to share the report with. 4

  5. Click the access role dropdown to the right of their name 5 to change the access role:

    1. Full: All rights available, including the right to delete the report.

    2. Editor: Includes the rights to view the report and edit its settings.

    3. Read Only: Users can only view the report.

  6. Click Save. 6

The report appears in the Reports list of all users who it's shared with. You can unshare it at any time.

Unshare a report

  1. Repeat Steps 1–4 from the instructions above.

  2. Hover over the name of the person or user group you'd like to stop sharing the report with.

  3. Click the X that appears on the right. 1

  4. Click Save. 2