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Enterprise Account Admin Permissions

Table 55. Availability - Legacy plans


Controlled admin permissions are a feature of Enterprise accounts. It allows different admin users within the account to be granted different permissions.


On Enterprise Pinnacle account admin rights can be additionally adjusted. Learn more about it here.

Permissions granted by account owners only

The following permission categories can be granted to admins only by account owners:

  • Log in as another user

  • Transfer resources when deleting a user

  • Grant/revoke admin rights

Permissions granted by admins

The following permission categories can be granted to admins by account owners or admins with the right to grant/revoke admin rights.

Permission category

Individual Permissions

Users & Groups

Rights to edit and remove users from account; add and remove users from groups; deactivate users; set up 2-step verification; manage groups and group settings.

  • Edit names and emails, add/remove people from groups, export a user list, deactivate and delete individual user accounts

  • Reset 2-step verification for users

  • Manage groups (add, edit & delete)

Job roles & hourly rates

Rights to manage and assign job roles to users. Rights to edit hourly rates.

  • Manage job roles and hourly rates


  • Create private spaces

  • Create public spaces

  • Create locked spaces

Custom Workflows

Rights to view, add, edit, and remove Custom Workflows; Rights to convert space workflows to account-wide workflows; Rights to change task/project status and workflow regardless of fixed workflow and approval process.

  • Manage Custom Workflows (add, edit & delete)

  • Change status and workflow regardless of workflow restrictions

Custom Fields

  • Manage custom fields (view, edit, & delete)


  • Add, edit, and delete Automation rules

Calendars & workweek

Rights to view and configure Work Schedule and Workweek settings per account/user; Rights to adjust fiscal year settings.

  • Configure team member's work schedule (workweek, holidays, etc)

Timelog categories

Categories let you and your team track the type of time you’re spending on work.

  • Manage Timelog Categories (add, edit & delete)

Request forms

  • Add, edit and delete Request Forms

Account settings

Rights to update main account settings: account name, custom logo, etc., and to generate account backups; Rights to adjust fiscal year settings.

  • Configure account settings (name, logo, etc)

Advanced security

Rights to manage invitation settings, cloud storage configuration, SSO, SCIM integration, password, and other security policies.

  • Configure advanced security settings

Activity Reports

  • Generate user Activity Reports

Account data access

All account data is shared with Data Administrators

  • Export account data


  • Configure integration recipes

Manage permissions

  • Manage Access Roles

  • Manage User Types