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Working With Timelog View

Table 199. Availability - Legacy plans


All users, except for collaborators, can open projects, folders, and spaces in Timelog view.

Timelog view is one of several work views available for folders, projects, and spaces in Wrike. Timelog view shows timelog entries for all tasks and subtasks within a particular folder, project, or space.

When you view the timelog of a particular folder, project, or space, you can see entries added to all tasks and subtasks directly from that folder, project, or space as well as all descendant subfolders and subprojects.

Work with Timelog view

Open Timelog view

  1. Navigate to a folder, project, or space that has timelog entries you want to see.

  2. Switch to Timelog view.

You may need to click the toggle icon to add Timelog view to the list of available views for this folder.

What you see in Timelog view

The timelog table contains the following columns:

  • Task Title – The name of the task associated with the time entry

  • User – The name of the person who made the time entry

  • Date – The date of the timelog entry

  • Time Spent – The amount of time worked

  • Project or Folder – The list of projects and folders the task is tagged in

  • Category – The time tracking category applied to the entry

  • Comment

  • Lock – The lock icon in this column indicates that the entry can’t be edited

  • Billing Type*

  • Export* – This column shows if the data was exported via API or Wrike Integrate, for example, to a third-party financial management tool.

Each timelog entry appears in its own row on the view, and, by default, entries are grouped by user and date.

* This column is only available in Enterprise Pinnacle accounts.

Open tasks details in overlay

By default, Timelog view shows only task titles without the path. To make sure you're looking at the correct task, you can open it in Task View or Item View.

  1. Hover over a task title.

  2. Click the View details icon View_details__icon.png that appears on the right.


When I open Timelog view, I don’t see some time entries. Why?

By default, when you switch to Timelog view, it only displays time entries added this week. You can customize Timelog view to see entries for specific dates. Please also make sure that you're looking for the time entry in the correct location.