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Changing Task Importance

Table 31. Availability - Legacy plans


All users (except collaborators) on all account types can change task importance.

Use the importance feature to mark a task with high, normal, or low importance. By default, tasks are created with normal importance.

Set task importance

  1. Open the Task 1 you'd like to add importance to in Item view.

  2. Open the field section 2.

  3. Click the Importance 3 section.

  4. Select the importance level you'd like to apply from the drop-down list that appears.


Once you've set importance, you can sort tasks by importance.

Additionally, you can add a Custom field 4 for the importance section in the Table view.


Tasks with high importance are designated with an exclamation point and tasks with low importance are designated with a down arrow. These symbols can be seen inside the dashboards.