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Pinning and Unpinning Folders

Table 23. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can pin folders.

Pinning a folder means that it can be found in the sidebar inside the Pinned section, making it quick and easy to access.

Pinning folders works on a user level only, so your pins only appear in your workspace.

Pin folders

  1. Access the space that contains the folder you want to pin.

  2. Locate the folder in the sidebar.

  3. Hover over the folder title and click the Pin 1 icon to the right.

  4. Pinned_section.png

    This folder is now pinned and will appear inside the Pinned 2 section.

Unpin folders

To unpin a folder, repeat the steps above and click on the Pin icon to remove it from your Pinned section. You can also do this in the Pinned section in the sidebar by simply hovering over the folder and clicking the Pin icon to deselect.