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User Groups in Wrike

Table 55. Availability - Legacy plans


User groups are customizable groups made up of selected users. Instead of sharing data with one person at a time, use user groups to quickly share information with groups of people. You can @mention user groups and share tasks, folders, and projects with user groups.

When you share a task, folder, or project with a user group:

  • The task, folder, or project is also shared with any subgroups which are a part of that user group.

  • You cannot unshare the task, folder, or project from a subgroup within the parent user group or from just one individual or individuals within the user group.

  • You cannot unshare subtasks, subfolders, or subprojects from the user group without unsharing the parent task, folder, or project.


    Admins on Enterprise accounts can turn off Inherited Sharing that allows them to decide whether they want to share subfolders and subprojects when sharing parent folders and projects.

  • The task, folder, or project is automatically shared with users as they are added to the group.


Can one user be in several user groups?

Yes. You can add one user to as many user groups as you need. Additionally, note that all regular users in your account are automatically added to the My Team user group by default. Account owners and admins on Enterprise Standard and Pinnacle accounts can change which user types are included into My Team user group, learn more about it here.

Is there a limit to the number of user groups in an account?

Yes. The maximum number of user groups you can create depends on your subscription. You can have one more user group than you have purchased seats. There's a maximum number of 5000 user groups no matter how many users you have.