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Creating Folders and Projects in Wrike via XLS Import

Table 227. Availability - Legacy plans


All users, except for collaborators, can import tasks, folders, and projects from XLS files into Wrike. On Business and Enterprise accounts, this right might be restricted by a user's access role.


You have to format your file according to guidelines here or download a sample file from Wrike and add data there.

On Wrike Team accounts, creation of folders, subfolders, and subprojects is not available.

Create a folder or project

  1. In the good Title column (of an empty row), type the preferred name for your folder or project 1.

  2. Include forward slashes before and after the folder or project name, e.g., /folder name/.

  3. For projects, specify a project status (green, yellow, or red) in the Status column 2. To add custom project status, add a column called Default task workflow prior to the column Title and add the name of the workflow in front of the project’s name. Make sure to fill in the Custom workflow cell and the Custom Status cell accordingly.


Currently, only Business and Enterprise accounts created after April 15, 2019 have custom workflows for projects.

Create a subfolder or subproject

In a new row, click the cell in the corresponding Title column, type the parent folder’s name (with slashes before and after the name), followed by the title of your subfolder 3. For example: /folder name/subfolder name.

To create a subproject, specify a project status in the Status column.