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Interacting With Inbox Notifications

Table 3. Availability - Legacy plans


The Inbox widget allows you to see everything that's shared and assigned to you on a daily basis as well as access these items right from your Inbox.

Work with your Inbox

  • Click a card (notification) to open the associated task or folder/project info panel. If a dashboard, report, or workload chart is shared with you, when you click the card you'll see an option to open the item.

  • When you click a notification about an @mention in a Proofing comment you’ll be taken to this particular comment in Proofing.

  • When you click the notification that someone is joining/leaving the space where you're an admin, you'll see an option to open the space.

  • Notifications related to the same item are shown on the same card.

  • Hover over a card in the Incoming section and click the Archive icon to move it from the Incoming section to the Archive, or click the Unarchive icon to move it back to Incoming.

  • Click the three-dot menu button in the panel’s upper right-hand corner (while in the Incoming section) to mark all notifications as read or move all notifications to Archive. If you archive a card but get a new notification related to that task, the card is automatically moved back to Incoming.

  • Hover over a card and click the dot icon that appears on the right to mark the card as unread (or read).

  • Notifications are automatically marked as read (even if you don't open the notification from your Inbox) when you open the related task, folder, or project.

  • If you're part of multiple accounts in Wrike, a red dot appears next to your profile image (workspace's upper right-hand corner) when you have unread Inbox notifications from other accounts. Click your profile image to see which account has unread notifications.