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Working With Timesheets in Wrike for iOS

Table 333. Availability - Legacy plans


Timesheets provide a quick overview of tasks you worked on during a given week and the time you spent working on them.

View timesheets

You can view all your time entries in the Timesheet view:

  1. Tap More on the bottom panel.

  2. Select Timesheet from the menu.

  3. Here you can see all the time entries you’ve added.

To add a time entry:

  1. Switch to the Timesheet view.

  2. Tap on Add entry under the relevant task.

  3. Add the necessary details: time spent, date, and a comment.

  4. Hit on Save.

Alternatively, you can do it right in the Task view: Tap on Add time entry under the task details.

Timesheet Reminder

Wrike can send you a notification about the time you’ve tracked the day before and not yet added. To switch it on:

  1. Touch More on the bottom navigation panel.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Tap on the toggle next to Timesheet Reminder.

The crossed bell icon in the top-right corner signifies the Reminder is switched off. You can also tap on it to switch it on.