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Emptying Recycle Bin

Table 3. Availability - Legacy plans


Account admins can empty the Recycle bin.

When you need to free up some storage space or just delete some unneeded tasks, folders, and projects that are still in the Recycle bin, you can use the Empty recycle bin option.


In the Recycle bin, just like everywhere else in the account, account admins can only see items that are shared with them. But when an admin empties the bin, all items in it, including those not shared with the admin, will be deleted.

Items deleted from the Recycle bin can't be restored.

Empty the Recycle bin

  1. Click on the profile image and navigate to the Recycle bin.

  2. Click the Empty recycle bin button. 1

  3. Click Empty 2 on the pop-up that appears to confirm your decision.