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Moving and Copying Attachments

Table 279. Availability - Legacy plans


You can move and copy attachments (files attached from your computer as well as those from external sources such as Google Drive) within your Wrike account to different tasks, folders, or projects. When you move a file, it's removed from its original location. When you copy a file, it's duplicated and a new version is attached elsewhere, requiring additional storage space.

All users can move and copy attachments, but your access role must include permission to remove files from their original location and add files to their intended destination.

  • When you move files you can choose whether or not to include their comments, previous versions, or approval details. If you choose to move a file with its approval details, its full approval history remains visible and users can open the corresponding tasks where those approvals took place.

  • When you copy files you can select to copy the comments as well. Please note that it is possible to copy only the latest version of the file. File approval details can't be copied to the new location.

Move or copy files

  1. Check the box 1 next to file(s) you want to copy/move from the list of attachments of a task, folder, or project, or switch to Files view to select files from multiple locations at the same time (within one space).

  2. Click the Move/Copy button 2 above the list of attachments.

  3. A dialogue box opens where you can:

    1. Choose if you want to move or copy the file(s). 3

    2. Choose a destination task, folder, or project for the file(s). 4

    3. If you're moving file(s), choose whether or not to include their comments, previous versions, or approval details. 5 When copying files only the option to include comments is available.

    4. Click Move file(s) or Copy file(s). 6


Files pending approval can't be moved, but they can be copied.

Another way to move or copy files is to right-click a file in the list of attachments under the task and then select Move/Copy. It's possible to move and copy files the same way from Files view, as well as from the Files dashboard widget.


If you need to copy the task/folder/project description together with images within it, you can always use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste them. This way all the content will be added to the second location and all the images will be added as attachments to the selected task, folder, or project.

Copy images to clipboard

You can copy images to your clipboard to share them outside of your Wrike account (or paste them into the description field of a task, project, or folder).


By default, this option is only available for those using Google Chrome browser. However, you can enable it in the Firefox browser as well (version 87.0 and higher). To do so: open Firefox, enter about:config in the address bar, and press Enter on your keyboard. Next, enter in the search bar and set it to true.

To copy an image to your clipboard:

  1. Open an image from the list of attachments.

  2. Right-click the image.

  3. Select Copy to clipboard.1



The image is copied without any additional details from Wrike (e.g. image location in Wrike, comments, versions, etc.).

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