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Adding Existing Folders and Projects to Spaces

Table 39. Availability - Legacy plans


All users except collaborators can add folders and projects to spaces for which they're an admin or have a Full or Editor access role.

You can use tagging to add existing folders or projects to other spaces. They'll appear in the sidebar of any space they're tagged in. Folders and projects can be located in any number of spaces.

When you add a folder to a project or space, it'll be shared with users who have access to that space.

Add an existing folder or project to a space

  1. Navigate to the relevant folder or project and open its item view 1.

  2. Tags are listed under the folder or project's title. Click the + icon 2 to add a new one.

  3. Scroll through the list of available locations for tagging until you find the relevant space 3, or search for it by typing in the search bar.

  4. A pop-up will appear alerting you if the folder or project has been shared with new users as a result of the tag.


You can also hover over existing tags and click x to remove the item from a particular space.

Alternatively, you can also add existing tasks, projects or folders via permalinks. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the relevant space where you want to add the existing task, folder or a project and switch to Table view 1.

  2. Click on the + Item 2 at the bottom of the tasks.

  3. Paste the permalink of the existing task, folder or project.


The task , folder or a project will be added to the new space.

Filter projects in spaces

All the projects and folders added to a space appear in the sidebar under Projects and folders. The projects that appear in this menu can be filtered according to their status.

  1. Hover over Projects and folders in the sidebar of a space and click the three-dot menu button 1 that appears.

  2. Select the required option from the list 2:

    • All to see all projects

    • Only active to hide completed projects


    All folders in the space will remain visible.