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Removing Users From Spaces

Table 35. Availability - Legacy plans


Space admins can remove users from spaces they manage.

As a space admin, you can remove any user, including other space admins, from the list of space members at any time.

Remove space members

  1. Navigate to the relevant space in the sidebar.

  2. Click the gear icon 1 next to the space overview in the sidebar or click the gear icon 2 under the space's title.

  3. In the Manage members and sharing section, hover over the name of the person you want to remove from the space.

  4. Click the X icon 3 that appears to the right of the access roles.

  5. Click Save 4.


The removed user no longer sees the space on their Home page. If it’s a private space, then they can no longer access it. If it’s a public space, regular users can still find the space using the Browse other spaces option on the sidebar and re-join.


Alternatively, you can edit the list of members from the space info panel 1 by clicking the View info icon 2 and selecting Invite or edit members 3.