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Unsubscribe From Report Reminders

Table 177. Availability - Legacy plans


All account users can unsubscribe from report reminders.


On Enterprise accounts, the types of users who are allowed to use this functionality may differ due to user types settings.

If you want to stop receiving reminders about a particular report to your email and Inbox, you can unsubscribe from them at any moment.

Unsubscribe from report reminders

  1. Navigate to the relevant report. In the Reports section, reports you're subscribed to are marked Enabled in the Subscription column.

  2. Click Subscribed in the upper-right corner. 1

  3. Deselect all days when you’re scheduled to receive report reminders. 2

  4. Click Unsubscribe. 3

You're now unsubscribed from reminders for that report. Repeat these steps to unsubscribe from reminders for any other report.