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Adding Existing Tasks to Calendars

Table 129. Availability - Legacy plans


External and regular users can add existing tasks to classic calendar layers created by or shared with them.

Tasks can also be added to classic layers by creating them directly within a calendar. Tasks and projects can be added to smart layers according to their settings when you create them.

Add existing tasks to classic layers

  1. Open the Task view panel.

  2. Click the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner. 1

  3. Hover over the Add to calendar option. 2

  4. Click the title of the calendar layer where you want to add a task. 3

Your task is now added to the selected layer.


Why can’t I add my task to a calendar?

Only tasks that have at least a due date can be added to calendar layers. Tasks without any dates set will show a menu as listed above but with calendar layers grayed out. If a calendar is shared with you, you must have full or editor access roles to add tasks to that calendar.