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Creating Calendars and Layers

Table 125. Availability - Legacy plans


Regular and external users can create calendars and, by default, calendar layers. In shared calendars, users’ access roles may prevent them from creating layers.

Calendars help you keep track of what needs to be worked on and when. In Wrike, calendars consist of layers. Each layer displays tasks or projects according to filters and other parameters you set when you create them.

Create calendars

  1. Navigate to the Calendars section.

  2. Next:

    • If it’s your first calendar: click Create new.

    • If you already have calendars, expand the left calendar panel and click + New Calendar. 1

  3. Enter a name for the calendar 2 and select a space to which the calendar will belong. 3 By default, all new calendars belong to the Personal space, such calendars are not shared with other users. If you select another space, the calendar will be automatically shared with all users in that space.


    You can only add calendars to spaces in which you're a space admin.

  4. Click Create. 4


You can also create calendars directly from a relevant space via the Tools section.

Create calendar layers

  1. Navigate to the calendar you want to add a layer to and hover over its name.

  2. Click on the + icon 1 that appears. Alternatively, you can right-click the calendar and select Create layer 2 from the menu that appears.

  3. In the pop-up

    • Enter a name for the layer. 3

    • Choose a layer type: classic; smart, based on tasks; or smart, based on projects. 4

    • Choose how to display tasks and projects. 5 Task or project bars can indicate the full duration or only the end date.

    • For smart layers: select which folders, projects, or spaces to pull tasks/projects from 6; choose whether or not to include tasks/projects from subfolders and subprojects 7; apply filters. 8

  4. Click Save. 9

Your layer is created.


How many calendars can I have?

There’s no limit to how many calendars and layers you can create. There’s also no limit to how many calendars can be shared with you.

Can I create layers based on multiple folders, projects, and spaces?

Yes. In classic layers, you manually select the tasks to include from any location. For smart layers, you can select multiple sources.