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Creating Activity Reports

Table 13. Availability - Legacy plans


Account owners and account admins with the right to Create user activity reports can create Activity Reports.

When you need to learn more about users' actions in your account, you can create an Activity Report in Wrike and download it to your computer.

Create an Activity Report

  1. Click on your profile image in the workspace's upper-right corner.

  2. Select Settings from the dropdown.

  3. Click Activity Reports in the left panel 1.

  4. Use the parameters subsections to specify what information should be included in the report:


    You can read more about which information can be displayed in Activity Reports on the Activity Report in Wrike page.

    1. Click + Add users to select specific users to report on 2.

    2. Specify the date(s) you want to report on and the time zone 3.

    3. Click + Add operations and check the boxes next to the actions you want to report on and then click the Choose button 4.


      Use the Filter for operations field in the upper-right corner of the Operations window to search for operations that you want to add to the report.

    4. (Optional) Click + Add objects and specify exact names of tasks, attachments, or other objects you want to report on 5.

    5. (Optional) Choose whether to Exclude or Include specific IP addresses and click + Add address to provide each address 6.

    6. Specify the report format: CSV or XLS 7.

  5. Click Get report 8.

A report is downloaded to your computer.