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Running Guest Review Access Report

Table 7. Availability - Legacy plans


Account owners and admins and user group admins can run Guest Review Access Reports.

Use Guest Review Access Report to check the statuses of guest reviews started in tasks within folders, projects, or spaces you report on.

Run a Guest Review Access Report

  1. Click your profile image in the upper-right corner of your workspace.

  2. Select Settings from the dropdown.

  3. Click Access reports in the left panel 1.

  4. Switch to the Guest Review tab 2.

  5. Check the box(es) next to the folder(s), project(s), or space(s) you want to report on 3. Filter the work items by name via the filter box 4 or expand the folder tree to find the items you’re looking for 5.


    • Spaces are shown as folders in the list.

    • You must have access to a folder, project, or space for it to be visible to you in Access Reports.

  6. Click Generate report 6.

Understanding the Guest Review Access Report layout

  • Task column shows a title of a task, folder, or project with attachments in review.

  • Link status column indicates if a Guest Reviewer accepted or declined an invitation to review, or if it’s still pending.

  • Host column shows who had invited a Guest Reviewer.

  • Creation date displays the date on which a Guest Reviewer was invited.

  • Invitee and Invitee’s email columns show a Guest Reviewer’s email address and a name (if it was indicated by the Guest’s inviter).

  • Expiration date indicates when a Guest Review expires.

Actions you can take

  • Right-click on a row in the report to:

    • Open items listed in the report in a separate tab.

    • Copy the link of the task, in which there are Guest Reviewers.

    • Delete Guest Reviewers.

  • You can delete several or all Guest Reviewers in the report at once. To do so:

    1. Click the checkbox in the row(s) which contain(s) Guest Reviewers you want to delete or click the Select N links button in the panel above to select all the links in the report.

    2. Click Delete N links at the bottom of the interface.

  • Click Filters to filter the report by status, review creation date, or review expiration date.