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Mapping Responses in Request Forms

Table 109. Availability - Legacy plans


Space admins can manage request forms in their spaces. Account admins and owners can manage account-level request forms. On Enterprise accounts, this right can be revoked from account admins.

When you map responses, you tell Wrike where an answer should be displayed in the created task or project. For example, if you add a short answer field and map it to the title, then responses in that field are used as the task or project's title.

Answers from request forms can be mapped to:

  • Titles

  • Descriptions

  • Start/end date

  • Attachments

  • Importance

  • Custom fields. With space-level request forms, you can map to any existing custom fields belonging to the same space or any account-level custom fields (if the account-level fields are shared with you). For account-level forms only account-level custom fields are available.

Map responses

  1. Start creating or editing a request form.

  2. Add a question.

  3. The question is mapped to Description by default (unless it's an attachment or importance question).


    File attachment and importance questions are mapped to attachment and importance fields respectively, and those mapping options can't be changed.

  4. Click the dropdown next to Add answer to to see other mapping options.

  5. Toggle one or more appropriate options.

In Single answer and Multiple answers questions you can quickly map responses to single-select or multiple-select custom fields respectively using the Use custom fields as options button.

Response mapping options

Question type

Mapping options

Single line text


Title, description, or text-type custom fields

Single answer

Title, description, or single-select-type custom fields

Multiple answers

Title, description, or multiple-select-type custom fields


Title, description, or number-, percent-, or currency-type custom fields


Title, description, start date, end date, or date-type custom fields


Title, description, assignees/owners, or people-type custom fields






If nothing is mapped to a title then it'll be the task or project ID followed by the request form's name.

If multiple responses are mapped to the title, then responses are separated by a - in the title.