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Working From the Wrike for Gmail Add-on

Table 51. Availability - Legacy plans


All users on all account types can use the Wrike for Gmail add-on.

Create a task from an email

Tasks created via the add-on are automatically added to the Shared with me section.

  1. Open an email in Gmail.

  2. Open the Wrike add-on.

  3. Select Create a task from the email.

  4. If you have multiple accounts, select which account to create the task in.

Your task is created and the task description includes:

  • Information on who sent the email and when.

  • Text from the email body.

Modify a task

  1. Click a Wrike notification email (or an email that you turned into a task).

  2. Open the Wrike add-on.

  3. Edit the task.

The edits are synced instantly with all versions of Wrike.

From here you can:

  • Change the task status to Completed (or back to Active).

  • Add or remove yourself as an assignee.

  • Add a comment (@mentions aren't currently supported).

  • Add the task to a folder or project.

View task data

The add-on shows:

  • Task title

  • Task description

  • Task due date

  • Task status

  • Task attachments

  • Assignees

  • Comments

Add an email as a comment

You can only add an email as a comment if the email is part of the same thread from which that task was created.

  1. Click an email that you’ve turned into a task.

  2. Open the Wrike add-on.

  3. Click Add Email as a Comment.

The text from the email body is added as a comment to the task along with information on who sent the email and when.