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Workspace Search Algorithm

Table 5. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can use the workspace search.

When you search for something, an item’s title is prioritized, but information from other fields is also taken into account. Wrike uses an advanced machine learning algorithm to personalize search results so the search results will vary from user to user.

How the search algorithm works

Search for

Wrike takes into account



Title, description, comments, assignees, people who left comments to a task, task creator, people @mentioned in comments, and file names

When you search for a task by task title, special symbols aren't taken into account. They're replaced by a space in the search engine.

Folders and projects

Title, description, comments, and file names



Title and the name of the space admin

Only public spaces and spaces where you're a member are included in the search results.

Comments in tasks

Comments in tasks and task-based custom items

Comments in projects and project-based custom items are not searchable.

Custom fields

All custom fields containing text and numbers

Users' names in custom fields aren't searchable. Currency symbols and separating commas in numbers are ignored, i.e. if you enter "$10,000", Wrike will search for fields that contain "10000."


Title, file extension, or name of the file uploader



Name, email, phone number, city, user group, job title, and job role

Job roles are available on Enterprise Pinnacle account. They are also a part of the legacy Wrike for Professional Services package and Wrike Resource add-on.


Title and report owner’s name


Request forms

Title and description