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Filter Presets

Table 281. Availability - Legacy plans


All users (including collaborators) on all account types can use filters.

When you filter tasks (or projects in Table view and Gantt Chart) you can save a set of applied filters as a preset. If you use a certain filter or set of filters often this way you will be able to select the preset from the filters drop-down and save time.


You can create a custom view with the selected set of filters so all your teammates will see the same set of tasks by default when in this view.

Create a filter preset

  1. Navigate to a space, folder, or project within which you want to filter tasks.

  2. Click the filter icon 1 or...

  3. Click the name of your filter preset and select More filters... 2 in the drop-down that appears.

  4. Use the filters panel that appears on the right 3. Expand the fields you want to filter by and check the categories you want to view.

  5. Once you've selected filters, click Save 4 at the top of the filter panel and name your filter preset. It now appears in the drop-down when you click your filter preset.

Rename or delete filter presets

Once you've created a filter preset you can rename or delete it at any time.

  1. Click your filters 1 to view a drop-down containing your filter presets.

  2. Hover over the relevant preset and click the three-dot menu button 2.

  3. Now select:

    • Delete to delete your filter preset 3.

    • Rename and type in a new name for your preset 3.

  4. Click Save.