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Disabling Automatic Task Rescheduling

Table 201. Availability - Legacy plans


Account owners and admins can disable automatic task rescheduling for the whole account. Admins on Enterprise accounts should have permission to edit account settings in order to do so.


This is an experimental feature, and as a result, it may have bugs, is subject to change, and may be discontinued at any time. Please feel free to use the feedback links in Wrike Labs to share your thoughts on this beta feature.

If you enable the feature all the dates stay in place when:

  • You edit account-wide work schedules

  • Task assignees add non-working days to their work schedules (vacations, sick leaves)

  • You assign a task to a person whose work schedule exceptions overlaps with task dates


Task dates will still be rescheduled if you shift dates for a task dependency chain.

Enable the feature from Labs

  1. Go to Wrike Labs.

  2. Click Enable on the relevant card.

To disable the feature, go to Wrike Labs and click Disable on the relevant card.