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Rescheduling Tasks Automatically

Table 11. Availability - Legacy plans


Wrike automatically reschedules tasks that overlap with non-working days in the assignee’s work schedule.

Reschedule tasks automatically

  • Task duration remains intact (i.e., the length of time allotted for a task).

  • Task dates shift forward. The number of days shifted depends on the number of non-working days.

  • Only active tasks scheduled for the future are rescheduled.

  • If a task has multiple assignees, task dates will only shift if all assignees have non-working day(s) during the task's scheduled dates.

  • Tasks with no assignees won't be rescheduled. Dates for such tasks can be altered only if changes are made to the default work schedule for the whole account.

Wrike warns you about automatic rescheduling when you add an exception to your work schedule. Wrike also warns your teammates about the date shift when they assign tasks to you.


You can also change your default work schedule for your account according to your requirements.


You can enable the Work on Weekends option if you want a task to span all days, including non-working days.