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Adding Users to Spaces

Table 31. Availability - Legacy plans


Space admins can invite users to spaces that they manage.

By definition, private spaces are only available to users who were invited to them. Additionally, collaborators and external users can't join public spaces directly. In these cases, space admins need to manually invite users to give them access to a space.


  • Users see a notification in their Inbox when they get invited to a space.

  • It's not possible to invite users to a Personal space.

Invite users to spaces

  1. Navigate to the relevant space in the sidebar you need to invite users to.

  2. Click on the gear icon 1 next to the space overview in the sidebar or click on the gear icon 2 under the space's title.

  3. Click the search field 3 in the Manage members and sharing section and select a user from the list. If you don't see someone, start typing their name and select them once they appear.

  4. If your account is on a Business or higher subscription, you can change the user’s access role, click their current access role 4 to the right of their name in the list of existing members and select the access roles from the list 5:

    • Full — has full user rights within a space, except for rights reserved for space admins

    • Editor — can't delete and share space content

    • Limited — can only view items within the space, add comments, and change task statuses

    • Read only — can only view the items within the space.


    Space admins always have full access to folders and projects of the space.

  5. Click Save 6.



Alternatively, you can edit the list of members from the space info 1 panel by clicking on the View info icon 2 below the space title, and click Invite or edit members 3.



Is there a limit to the number of space members?

No. Each space can have an unlimited number of members.