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Auto-Assigning Tasks Based on Workflow Status

Table 21. Availability - Legacy plans


Account admins can create custom workflows with automatic assignees. On Enterprise Standard and Pinnacle accounts, this is a controlled admin permission, so some admins may not have it.


Space admins can add automatic assignees to space workflows irrespective of their user license type.

You can create custom workflows that automatically assign a team member to a task when it's changed to a particular status. When you do so:

  • Current assignees aren't removed.

  • That user automatically gets access to the task.

  • Assignees aren't automatically added according to workflow settings in tasks created via automations, such as API, request form submissions, Unito/Workato integrations, etc.

Where automatic assignees work

If you've specified assignees for status, the assignee is added when you create a task or change a task's status:

  • In the workspace.

  • In mobile apps.

  • Via email integration.

  • Via Slack integration.

  • Using mass editing.

Automatically add assignees based on status (for account-wide workflows)

  1. Click your profile image in the upper right-hand corner of your workspace 1.

  2. Select Settings from the drop-down.

  3. Click Workflow in the left-hand navigation panel. You'll see a list of all workflows in the account 2.

  4. Click the title of the workflow for which you want to configure automatic assignment. If you don’t see it, press Ctrl + F (or Cmd + F, if you're on a Mac) and search for it in the list. You can't search this way in the Wrike desktop app.

  5. Select the status for which you want to set assignees 3.

  6. Click the field beneath Assign on status change.

  7. Begin typing an assignee's name and select them from the drop-down when they appear 4.

    • Click the Add more users field to add another assignee.

    • To remove an assignee click the x to the right of their name.

  8. Click Save in the upper right-hand corner 5.

The assignee's name appears under the status. If there are multiple assignees, you'll see a number, which you can click to see the names of all assignees.