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Wrike Bot

Table 3. Availability - Legacy plans


Wrike Bot appears in your workspace in certain situations, it completes automated actions and notifies you about relevant events in your Inbox.


What Wrike Bot does

The main functions of Wrike Bot are:


There are a number of situations in which Wrike Bot will send you an automated reminder as a comment in a stream. For example, if all the subtasks of a task are completed, deferred, or canceled, Wrike Bot will remind a user that they may want to complete the parent task.

Some of the reminders Wrike Bot gives can be controlled in Email preferences in Settings.


Wrike Bot informs you in the stream of the relevant task when a decision is made about an approval you started.

External request forms

The bot is used for task creation when someone submits an external request form. When the request is submitted, Wrike Bot creates a task as specified in the details of the form.


The bot informs a user if they are assigned to a recurring task, or when the recurrence is paused or completed.

Project Syncs

If a user has Project Syncs enabled, the bot will perform actions on the behalf of the synced system.


Whenever an action is executed via Automation Engine, it appears in the task/project stream with the Automation Bot as the author. The same is true for the Activity Report.


If a Workflow specifies that when an item is changed to a certain status, a particular user should be assigned, or an approval created, Wrike Bot completes these actions.


In some ways, Wrike Bot behaves like a user in your workspace. It is not possible to add Wrike Bot to user groups via the workspace, but it is possible to do so accidentally via API. This should be avoided as it will cause errors. Wrike Bots will appear as users with email addresses with the domain Please avoid these when creating user groups via API.


How can I verify which Wrike Bot is updating my tasks?

Click on the Bot profile image in the task stream to identify the bot by its email address, e.g.


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